Created with the island lifestyle and young professional in mind, Spiaggia swimwear is hand crafted in the roots of Colombia from the highest quality materials and hand picked details.  


Inspired by experiences and styles from South America to the Mediterranean, our premium trunks are ready to take you from yacht to shore, and everywhere in between. 

Originality and refined innovation are core to our classic styles with a modern fit and vibrant colors. Spiaggia's are made for the man who is always on the scene, active on searching for new experiences and a particular unique lifestyle that many continue the crave and learn on how to reach it. 


Spiaggia trunks are made of the highest quality fabrics that repel water for quick drying and very soft relaxed fit inner lining, have SPF 50 and UV filters to protect the vibrant colors on and they are 100% handmade.

    Always ready for the next island or yatch adventure